Digital Signage Installations

Grocery Stores

You’d be surprised how many people chat about grocery stores on social media. As a owner and operator of digital signage in grocery stores, you’ll now have more control over the social conversation. Get your shoppers talking about everything from frozen pizzas to canned peas with your own internal hashtags and social tools. Inspire your customers and provide added value by transmitting exact messages (sales products, recipes, nutrition advice...). Change the quote of a price tag on the fly. Our Digital Signage Solution opens up completely new options to communicate with your customers and pays off on a daily basis.

Automotive Industry

We are experts in the field of digital signage within the automotive industry. Digital signage increase bottom line profits by enhancing the retail experience in car dealerships. Digital signs separate dealers from competitors, while promoting the brand, sales and service specials. From a turn-key solution for an entire store, to a single system, we have the right resources and available services to meet the needs of the modern auto dealership. Digital signage solutions for car dealers include digital service menus, service appointment boards, customer lounge TV, touch-screen kiosks, sales leader boards, showroom video walls, and more.


Restaurant digital signage is quickly becoming a standard feature, fast casual restaurants and fine dining. Digital signs in the restaurant improve customer communications and create a modern atmosphere. You can display vibrant and dynamic menus and daily specials, nutrient information. It improves branding. Provide entertainment for your patrons as they await their services. The way the food looks is important, both in affecting the buying decision and making customers happy. Digital menu boards not only make dishes look appetizing, they also bring a level of efficiency to the industry that is unprecedented.

Bars & Game Rooms

The screens at bars are more versatile than your typical digital signage screens. Each of the screens can display different content when there are lots of games on. No matter what formation the screens are in, they’re pretty eye-catching, and they make the bar a go-to destination when the cowboys are playing. When customers are in the know about what is going on, they will be more apt to come back and enjoy your establishment more and more. Here is a list where digital signage can help or is applicable in the bar and gaming industry.Upcoming games and vents, Specials and Featured Items, Automated Drink List, Cross Promotions and Selling, Entertainment, Social Media.

Shopping Hubs

Immersive, interactive digital displays is one of the most distinct ways that businesses have been making the shopping experience easier, smarter and more efficient.Use digital displays to dynamically share all the new sale items, food court menus, or large video walls with runway shows. Implement interactive way finding kiosks to provide the simplest directions for every visitor or customer throughout the shopping center. Today’s smart businesses are taking advantage of this, using the technology to promote new products, special offers, and sales using in-store retail signage displays. Attract additional foot traffic using the vividness of your digital displays. Showcase product features on your digital screens to encourage engagement.

Education System

Digital signage in the education system allows you to streamline and unify communication efforts. Advertise after-school activities, Centralize morning announcements, Showcase student work, Broadcast safety alerts and directions.Deliver important announcements as they happen, Transmit alert notices with CAP triggers (Common Alerting Protocol), Personalize visitor greetings and guest announcements, Advertise bookstore, café and library offerings, Show volunteer opportunities and community outreach programs.

We set up and configure the following displays

Horizontal Displays

Horizontal displays are the most advanced and flexible commercial displays used in the market. Each horizontal display will function as an integral component within you business solutions. From samsung monitors for a digital signage display to video walls for in-room entertainment solutions, horizontal displays alone can fulfill your business needs.

Video Walls

Video walls are, by nature, prominent and eye-catching. They really draw attention and are usually placed in high traffic areas, like a lobby or entrance area to capture attention, and to reach a wider audience. And, let’s face it video walls really look cool.

Vertical Displays

Vertical displays remind consumers so much of their cell phones. Vertical displays are everywhere. Vertical displays have a sense of familiarity for people since that is how a regular mobile cell phone is displayed. Vertical displays are the future of digital signage displays, especially in shopping centers and outlets. Great for quick passing customers.

Interactive Displays

The interactive displays streamlines productivity and enables efficient collaboration. With interactive display, meetings can take place anywhere and at any time, with all vital aspects included. interactive displays can help you and your team work smarter, faster and better.

Wayfinders and Kiosk

With an increase in popularity of smartphones and other digital devices, Wayfinder and kiosk are perfect solutions for your tech-savvy customers. The stress that comes along with navigating a large facility is quickly eliminated with these interactive devices. Allow users to browse directories and access the detailed directions they need all at the touch of a finger.

Custom Displays

With the evolution of digital signage hardware, we’re able to do some really creative things with custom display arrangements. You don’t have to stick to standard blocks anymore. Even though the most popular setup is still a large rectangle, your custom displays can be as complex and creative as you want.

The Planing Process

We will plan and manage your Digital Signage installation project from start to finish; assisting you throughout:

Planning and scheduling of installations

Installation of digital displays, screens and mounts

Installation of network and video cabling

Electrical requirements and installations

Configuration of hardware and software

Setup of internet connections

Digital Signage Installations

We are equipped to implement everything from a single store installation to a national roll-out in hundreds of outlets; from the simplest speakers to fully-integrated multi-media systems. Leap Installs has the proficiency, expertise, and experience to deliver operational excellence within the required time frame and budget.

Project management of all installations include initial survey/consultation, design, quote, supervision of install, and staff training on the operation of all systems.

Maintenance and Repair

Our system management and maintenance repair services include digital signage equipment testing and diagnostics, digital signage repair, hardware replacements, part swap-outs, system reconfigurations, software removal and re-installation, network troubleshooting and repair, content creation and formatting network cabling replacement and more.

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