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Leap Installs, LLC based out of Killeen, TX, began doing installs for DSI-NA INC in 2014 sub-contracting for ABN/GM dealerships all over the United States. In 2015 Leap Installs began doing complete installs from start to finish simultaneously, providing an end-end solution with a team of electricians, A/V technicians, drywall specialists, installers, and IT Techs. This provided a seamless experience for customers to rest project and risk management on the company. With the foreseen growth of operating on a national level we decided it was best to incorporate with a national brand and signature to include a specialty of offering an elite installations company. We’ve completed hundreds of installs nationwide and are excited about implementing a customized solution designed to fit your needs.

We believe that an install should be a solution, not an obstacle, and that properly installed hardware will simplify things, not complicate them. We care about our customers, and we believe in the elegance, efficiency and potential of technology, our installers will implement this technology to solve your problems and help your business move forward.

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