Dedicated Security for Digital Signage

27 November 2018

Dedicated Security for Digital Signage
Do you have a dedicated security team that works on both development and testing of your  digital signage? Digital signage software security should not be an afterthought, but should be considered before hand. Dedicated security professionals should be a part of the development process to ensure that solutions provide maximum functionality and security. Having a specific team that deals with security issues also means that they will continue to monitor vulnerabilities and make sure that updates are smoothly implemented.

It is a good idea to follow-up with asking what percentage of the company is dedicated to  security issues. This answer might reveal more about whether the company actually advocates for optimal security or is just trying to use it as a marketing ploy to sell their services.

Describe to clients the process for handling vulnerabilities once they have been detected. Here is what you should be looking for in their answer:

The vendor immediately informs customers of the vulnerability. Even if a problem doesn’t require any action on your end, you want to be fully aware that something is wrong because you may be held accountable if your customers’ data is breached. This is also a good sign that the vendor practices transparency and allows you to follow-up and make sure a solution has been implemented. Customers are notified before the public is notified, and they’re provided with a complete threat report. You don’t want to be learning about problems with your software as you are
reading the morning news. Vendors should contact customers before the information is made public. In addition, vulnerabilities come in a wide range of forms, from simple bugs to full-blown problems. The company should provide a report that categorizes the vulnerability according to a rating system so that you can better understand the situation at hand. They quickly release a patch. Some companies thoroughly test patches before they are released. Others simply release any necessary patches on a weekly basis. Either approach is a good sign that there is a process and protocol in place to address your needs.

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