Digital Signage Hosting

19 November 2018

Digital Signage Hosting

cloud-based digital signage solution carries your message to your screens with the help of web-based digital signage software hosted on an external server implying that you don’t need to have your own server and is accessible via any standard web-browser.

An on-premise digital signage solution is hosted by you, on dedicated internal servers which means that you have full control over your system. You host the digital signage software, you decide when and if you update it and you are responsible for maintaining the server associated with it.

Importance of Digital Signage Cloud Hosting

In 2006 Amazon launched Amazon Web Services, the first true Cloud platform offered at scale to any business seeking to dramatically reduce their capital costs and outsourse their applications and hosting, removing the need for their IT team to maintain server hardware and software and allowing them to focus on deploying and managing applications that add increased value to their business.

Fast-forward less than 10 years and cloud services are on an exceptional growth curve, with industry leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) generating revenues in excess of $10B in 2016. In fact, spending on public cloud Infrastructure as a Service is forecast reached $38B in 2016, and is expected to grow to $173B by 2026. The reason for the explosive
growth all comes down to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or the comparison of costs across a given time for spending money on a cloud service vs the cost of running servers.

If you want to get into digital signage, you’ll love the cloud because it’s cost effective and easy to maintain. If you’re smaller and just getting into digital signage, it especially makes a lot of sense. But, if you’re bigger and more established, it may not such an easy decision to make.

If digital signage isn’t mission critical to your business, the cloud is a perfect solution for your business. For those who do have mission critical stuff on those screens like airports , bus stations, etc… I’d argue premise based would be a better solution.

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